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Lifelong Learning

  • At Colby-Sawyer, you will build an educational portfolio that conveys your learning and research, culminating in a Senior Capstone Project presented at the annual Scholars Symposium.
  • Business administration major Christian Smith ’20 credits his Colby-Sawyer experience with teaching him “out-of-the-box thinking.” Students are challenged to explore new ideas, think critically and communicate articulately.
  • Partnership agreements assist Colby-Sawyer graduates into advanced programs at Plymouth State University (N.H.), Springfield College (Mass.), University of New Haven (Conn.), Upper Valley Educators Institute (N.H.) and Vermont Law School.

Scholars Symposium is a day in April, and so that's basically a day where all the seniors go to present their capstone project.

And so it's kind of the culmination of all four years. They're really cool, and as an underclassmen, you get to see what you'll be doing as a senior. And it's not just something that you have to do to graduate. It actually changes something within the community, which is nice.

The research in my classes, I've done a lot so far. So I've done everything from arctic exploration for one of my first-year symposium classes all the way to business and HR research. So through that, you can take these, they're almost out-of-the-box kind of thinking classes, where it's just mainly discussion-based. And they're a bunch of random kind of topics that you wouldn't normally take. Range from death and dying, social media, motorcycles, and political ones as well.

Colby-Sawyer has fostered my curiosity by kind of not telling me what I'm going to be doing in two years and kind of discover what I'm going to be doing, which is nice. They tell you what classes you have to take, but there's a lot that's still untold. So I have clinical, and I'm never going to know what patient I have. So that's kind of keeping me super curious as to OK, what might I see? And then, they always are doing super fun events that kind of just are combined with education and just having fun, which is awesome.

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