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5th Year MBA - Not just for Business Majors

Explore the 5th year MBA program through a day in the life of 2022 Graduate Madeline Dalton. This program is available for students in most majors, not exclusively Business Administration.

Honestly, the MBA program is by far one of the new greatest things about Colby Sawyer. It's especially great because even though I wasn't a business major in college, I got to continue on to get my MBA, and not only a familiar and comfortable place, but my favorite place. A day in my life was exciting and challenging. I say challenging, because Colby Sawyer really set the bar high in regard to having all of us prepared for our lives after college. In the last semester of the MBA program, all students are required to take part in the field experience seminar. And this is actually where external companies come and hire us as consultants, where we're able to lead and manage projects.

I am working for Hypertherm-- and my project management team and I on the daily are witnessing the ins and outs of working for a global company. My group and I are in charge of calling meetings with international company stakeholders, presenting our results and most importantly, we're actually on the front lines of helping Hypertherm to create sustainable solutions. Other groups in the class are consulting for Red River Technologies in Claremont New Hampshire, and Dartmouth Hitchcock hospital. This MBA program is very hands-on. On the daily I preparing to present presentations with my team, leading and participating in class discussions and showcasing my work to my peers. Colby Sawyer is known for small classroom settings. And this is great because it allows all of us to bounce ideas off of each other. And it's even better because each of us have such diverse backgrounds, where we all bring something unique and special to the table.

You get the opportunity to work with faculty who know you, who care about you, who want you to succeed. They work hands-on with you in the community-- hands-on real life projects.

This opportunity that Colby Sawyer and its partners provide through the field experience seminar provides so many opportunities and professional and commercial environments. This is where I've learned the language of business. All of our professors have taken a serious personal interest into every member of the program. From advising to helping us with classes, to resumes, to actually helping us apply for jobs has been their highest priority. They really want to see us succeed.

This initial class that that just graduated, it was our first class and they got excellent job offers. They were given really high financial offers, good positions, starting positions in operations and areas that we often never saw our students get those jobs at the entry level.

The Colby Sawyer College MBA program has not only increased my skills and boosted my confidence, but it's honestly set me apart and given me a head start. Employers see this. And I'm proud to say that many of my fellow classmates have already accepted great positions that will be starting after graduation. I truly believe that every day I spend as a Colby Sawyer College MBA student, I am being prepared to tackle anything that a day in my life as a professional can throw at me.