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Liberal Arts

  • Be curious, be creative, be you! Explore classes that interest you from a wide variety of majors and minors, like Maple Sugaring, Beer Brewing, Mythology, or Ceramic Design.
  • At Colby-Sawyer, your opinion matters and your voice is heard. Small class sizes make discussing ideas with faculty and classmates comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Learn and study in unique and interesting spaces like Colby-Sawyer’s sustainable Sun Shack, Permaculture Garden, modern and inspiring Center for Art + Design, and award-winning library repurposed from a historic barn.

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Every student on campus is able to take the maple sugaring class, and then a separate class is the beer brewing. You can be a nursing major. You can be a business major, but it actually incorporates all the majors. So all the people in the class are actually tapping the trees, but people outside of the class, there's competitions within each major.

For example, they have a graphic design competition to see who does the label on the bottle. And then they have the business major market the product. This school offers a lot of interesting classes outside of my major, such as the farming class that I took so. We have sun shack, and it's like a very sustainable building. It was built and designed by Colby-Sawyer students.

And they have a permaculture garden in the back. So we learned how to keep it up. We harvested the vegetables. We went to Concord for a farmer's market. It was really a learning experience. It was fun to do something outside of my major.

There was one day where I would go for my class about religion to a class about accounting, something that's very abstract, something that's very straightforward, and explicit. So that was an interesting experience for me. So I think discussion debate, especially in small classes, is a big part of what we do, especially in the class I had that was four people, including myself, plus the professor. So stimulating discussion amongst four people seems like it might be hard, but it's really allows everybody's voice to be heard and different ideas to be batted around.

You can take a music class. You can take a dance class. You don't have to be an art major to take photography or an English major to take mythology. So I think that's pretty cool.

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