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Our College. Our Home.

Our students find their home-away-from-home here at Colby-Sawyer. Here they share their unique stories and experiences as they have formed special and lasting connections through classes, athletics, clubs and campus activities.

When I first arrived on campus, I was really scared. And a faculty member came up to me to say, Hey, are you Nina? I said that's me-- I'm Nina. And she just helped me through the process. It wasn't like hand holding, but it was, you're not alone. And I guess that's what I was looking for-- to know that I wasn't alone.

Before coming here I was really hesitant because I was the first in my family to leave the home. But as soon as I stepped foot on campus, I knew that Colby Sawyer was the place for me. I was able to get involved as student government president, dance club officer, a tennis captain, and many other clubs and organizations on campus. My experiences here has allowed me to thrive and prosper as a student as a leader and as an athlete.

Colby Sawyer sort of feels like home to me because the tightness of the community, both on campus, and in the broader New London Community. Interacting with students on campus here from across the country and across the world makes us really feel connected to each other, getting to know new people from different places.

We have friends from all over in our group from Vermont, Connecticut, Florida, Russia, and when it comes time to leave for breaks it can get kind of emotional because, you know, it's it's nice to go home, and see your pets, and you know, your mom, and your dad but it's hard to be away from from your Colby Sawyer family. So me and my friends have taken two cooking big holiday meals together before breaks as a way to like celebrate together before we all have to go home.