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  • Colby-Sawyer’s friendly, close-knit campus in New London, N.H., is a welcoming community where you will feel right at home.
  • Colby-Sawyer is a place to find your passion. From interesting classes to fun clubs and exciting sports teams, there is plenty to be enthusiastic about at Colby-Sawyer.
  • Discover a community of friendship and support at Colby-Sawyer. Students, faculty, staff and alumni build an accepting and supportive community for all.

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Colby-Sawyer is a great community, because we are a small school and we are very close knit and you can always make connections within the whole campus. So it doesn't matter if you're a freshman or a senior, everyone really connects together.

Colby-Sawyer makes a great community, because through the many opportunities around here. We have a season pass to Mount Sunapee. We have a great mission staff. We have wonderful students and even our residents in New London.

The transition coming from Miami to Colby Sawyer was definitely one that I didn't even expect to have. First and foremost, the snow was a big transition for me. The cold weather, just having so much fun over all. I went sledding, snowboarding. I built like 20,000 snowmans in the winter. I pretty much had my whole childhood summed up into one whole semester.

Campus is rather friendly. Everyone you see is going to smile and wave at you even if you don't know them. You'll see people that you have classes with or that are friends with your friends, and everyone's really accepting and welcoming. Since we are a small school, our class sizes are small, which is a good thing because you get that individualized learning.

So faculty staff is amazing. Every class that I've had the faculty has known me. They know my name. They know my major, what I want to do. They really know how you learn.

Campus is always active. You see a lot of students always playing ultimate Frisbee in the quad. Someone's always laying in hammocks. Others sometimes just put a picnic table outside and just do their homework sometimes. But overall, the community is so outgoing.

You should just hear our games. And we have our women's volleyball team, our men's basketball team, and even our men's and women's swimming team. Just enthusiasm and the passion that goes on inside those courts from our fans is just sums it all up in one day.

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