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Mountain Day - A unique tradition

Hear from students as they participate in Mountain Day - a long and strong tradition at CSC!

Mountain Day is a national day, at Colby Sawyer for everyone on campus show love and celebrate.

It's so much fun to like, especially when you have class, just get out of classes, come up and hike with your friends. So you typically don't see throughout the day.

I think we're really fortunate that our school is like, able to come together and just have a really fun day. And like, take a day off from school and just get everybody out here being active and not stressing too much about homework.

We're so fortunate to be in such a beautiful area. And some people don't really take advantage of it, aside from that.

You know, I like it when the campus community gets involved, and everyone's all together and, you know, you get a chance to really like bond because most the time we're not really together, you know, we're in classes.

I think it's very interesting, not many schools you see have a day that the whole community goes out with something like this. My fourth and final one, And I think it's something really exciting. That is something I'll remember forever, even after I graduate.

I was in bed-- same. And I was watching Netflix, and I heard all of my suitemates come back in yelling and I was like, what's going on? And then I got the email that said, it's Mountain day, today, and I was like, no, it isn't. But it was.

It was weird. Like I woke up at like seven and I was like, it's Mountain Day. I was like wait, seven. And then I went back to like sleep, kind of like halfway, cause I heard like the bells ring and people like yelling things outside.

And I was in the shower. I was in my room. I just came back from my workout. So I was not expecting it today. I was like, okay, we should do it. And I didn't expect it to be so much fun. But it is fun. I love it. Keep on doing it-- all of you International students.

I was in class. So we're also in the hall, we were like yeah, they took the catch up. So we're like, oh, it's Mountain Day.

An adventure.

Like, amazing. We were together in our Apartment-- we packed beforehand. And we were together in our apartment waiting until 10:05. Yeah, no, everyone was like, it's gonna be mountain day. And 10:05 rolls around, and we were like, it's not mountain day. And then the bell went off two minutes later.

So I think it's really cool that we, we all go out, and do something outside in nature and stay active as one community.

Yeah, and whenever I talk to my friends that go to other schools about it, they're like, I wish I had that at my school. I'd love to get out and do stuff as a school together.

I heard through the grapevine that it might be Mountain Day on Friday. So I was prepped, ready to go for 10:05 had my phone out looking at my email, 10:05 goes by. I said nope, not mountain day, slid the phone back, started cooking some eggs, had the toast in the toaster, and all of a sudden Mountain Day pops up on the phone, and I said game over. I literally popped toast, threw back in the bag, and to the bus we went.


I would say it's outstanding for sure.

Between exhaustion and fun all in one. I don't even know.

Honestly, I think the word that comes to mind for me-- because everyone's saying same thing. I was hiking up this mountain the hard way or the easy way or coming down. We all came in for a group photo. It's just a sense of community.

This my second Mountain Day, I come from right outside Boston. So my first day was last year's Mountain Day. And so for me, like I never really got the opportunity to hike like something like regard. And so seeing the view and seeing the landscape is just so different for me. It really makes just the campus location, just shine, you know, and we're all here and we're just like, wow, it's like the leaves are changing. We're all here. It's not close. College is amazing up here in New Hampshire.