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Professional Preparation

  • Your knowledge and experience will transfer from the classroom and into the workplace, helping you prepare for internships, summer employment and careers after graduation.
  • Harrington Center for Experiential Learning provides:
    • Academic advising
    • Resume writing workshops
    • Mock interviews and interviewing skills workshops
    • Internship counseling and support
  • Outcomes:
    • 99% graduate employment
    • 100% internship participation
    • 51% offered positions at internship sites


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Through my two and a half years here, I really started to realize that being outgoing is fun, and so getting involved is a lot of fun as well. And so I've become more outgoing and really focused on taking chances.

So at Colby-Sawyer, I've definitely become a more confident person and more outgoing. It's really helped me kind of just be a better person.

Colby-Sawyer really helped me to prepare for my internship because you take a lot of writing classes, literature classes, and so that kind of helped with the communication skills part of it. My management and human resources class really helped me to understand the basic business topics that we kind of discussed in my internship, and I was able to make the connections from class to the real world. But then also, a lot of business and other majors focused on professionalism in class and also the workplace, so that was really easy to transfer over.

Colby-Sawyer does a really good job at helping to prepare students for work after college. And so with different kind of resources like the Harrington Center, which offers career development, resume building, mock interviews, that really helps a lot of people. So your advisors and faculty, when you're in your classes, you're making constant connections with them. And so they help you to make industry connections, find jobs outside of college, and then they also really teach you the important stuff that you'll need to know when you're out in industry learning and working.

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