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  • Colby-Sawyer is located in New London, N.H., a beautiful and safe New England town surrounded by mountains and lakes.
  • Nursing major Chad Bernard ’20 says it best, “Nature is pretty awesome.” Colby-Sawyer offers the best of both worlds: nature in your backyard with close proximity and easy access to major cities like Boston, Montreal and N.Y.C.
  • Enjoy four seasons of fun, including skiing/boarding with your Mount Sunapee pass, hiking Mount Kearsarge or taking in the beauty of Pleasant Lake.

So Colby-Sawyer is located in New London, New Hampshire, and the area around it it's-- imagine it like a small, priceless gem. Everything around it is so perfect, and everything is so brilliant. And the way that Colby Sawyer was set up and the location that it's at makes it such a perfect location for every student and anyone that just wants to come here to visit.

So Mountain Day is a fun day in the fall where classes are canceled at 10:05. Students don't know what day it is. Faculty doesn't know what day it is. The only person who knows is the president of the college, and she cancels classes.

And then buses rush on to the quad. We all pile on the buses in Mountain Day t-shirts that we tie dyed, and then we all take a ride to Mount Kearsarge. We go all the way to the top and take a giant group picture with the whole student body and then go down and enjoy an awesome barbecue.

Mount Kearsarge is where we do Mountain Day. The whole school goes there, and we hike. It is a really nice mountain that just shows everything that's around it. So you can see New London. You can see Wilmont and Grantham and all of those towns around us.

Sunapee is the other mountain. That's where the skiing is, and we get a free ski pass as Colby Sawyer students. So it's really only 20 minutes away, so kids go up there and ski a lot. Even in the fall, you can take the lift up and just sit at the tops. It's really pretty.

Nature's pretty awesome. There is so much to see and so much to do with nature. So, being able to look out your dorm hall window and seeing a view of Mount Kearsarge or the snow in the winter is just awesome. A lot of the students who come from Boston and New York City when they see that, they're, like, this is the most nature I've ever been in. And they really like it.

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